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60 min

Strategies for Conflict Management in Pharmacy Practice

15 July
11 : 00 AM
For Pharmacists, Soft skills

Webinar Talk: Strategies for Conflict Management in Pharmacy Practice

Time & date: 15 July 2020. 11:00 GMT+4

Webinar overview:

Strategies for Conflict Management in Pharmacy Practice

Working with people is one of the most important aspects of a pharmacist job. We need to deliver our expert drug knowledge to patients and other health professionals to promote quality use of medicines. We must be able to supervise and motivate students, support staff and junior pharmacists in our workplace by understanding their motivational theories and individual needs. It is therefore important for pharmacists to have some insights into specific people skills that they could use on the job. Where there are people there are conflicts. Conflicts arise from individuals or organisations having incompatible goals. Conflict is about perception, competition for limited resources, and blockage of incompatible goals.

Goals of this webinar are:

This webinar explores some common conflicts in pharmacy practice, discusses motivation
theories of individuals within institutions, uncovers a number of strategies may be taken to
resolve conflict and covers key elements of successful negotiation strategies.

Target audience:

• Retail pharmacists,
• Pharmacists, Pharmacy heads,
• Pharmacy managers. 

Learning objects:

  • Discuss commonly experienced conflicts by pharmacists.
  • Outline key motivation theories of individuals within institutions.
  • Describe key human resource management principles that will help prevent conflict.
  • Explore a number of strategies may be taken to resolve conflict.
  • Outline negotiation strategies that will clear obstacles and bring about a settlement.


Final Thoughts

Your need to remain committed to the attitude of the distinguished pharmacists that focus on:


It is a journey not a one stop.


Something is extraordinary


Do the right thing right.


Be on top in whatever you are doing


Keep doing and focus on improvement

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Dr Sanah Hasan
Assistant Professor-Department of Clinical Sciences-Ajman University
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