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60 min

5 tips for increasing pharmacy profits and stability

07 July
15 : 00 PM
It's over
For Pharmacists, Soft skills

Webinar Talk: 5 tips for increasing pharmacy profits and stability

Time & date: 07 July 2020. 15:00 GMT+4

Webinar overview:

5 tips for increasing pharmacy profits and stability: Time Management
Understand the Pharmacy world and how it ts into the digital
world with a pharmacy store front. Digital transformation is already here and
here to stay. Pharmacies are no exception to embrace these unavoidable
changes that requires innovative and creativity to be part of the future not a
thing of the past. The following important tips are the focus of the webinar
that will bring a lot of value and food for thought in order to embrace the
exponential potential in pro ts and stability in times of change.

Goals of this webinar are:

  • Learn To Delegate- We will discuss the 3 important C’s in Delegation
  • Invest In Training- Training should not stop at CME, what other trainings you should consider.
  • Invest In Technology- Digital Transformation readiness is key to exponential pro ts and stability
  • Plan to succeed- “Plan to succeed if not you will be otherwise planning to fail. There are simple structure that many miss will planning to succeed.
  • Flow/Front shop- Personal and Pharmacy success will rely heavily on your personal and pharmacy ow. You will understand the key points to consider because any career or business is as good as its owner.

Target audience:

• Retail pharmacists,
• Pharmacists, Pharmacy heads,
• Pharmacy managers. 

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Dr Hanan Selim
Clinical pharmacist Motivational Speaker
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