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Healthcare marketing training course

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Dr Bushra Hijazi
Assistant professor at JUST University of clinical pharmacy department

Healthcare Marketing Training

Online course 

The educational language - English

The provider of the course - PharmaCourses educational online platform

Why do you need this course? 

The healthcare marketing program will allow you to move to a customer-centric approach, which will significantly improve the quality of services provided. Moreover, it will contribute to the development of skills in key marketing industries:

  • targeting,
  • segmentation,
  • brand development,
  • customer loyalty.

The certificate of participation

After completing this course, you will receive the certificate from Pharma Courses.

Everything in the world is developing and moving from the same standards to more perfect ones. The healthcare industry is no exception. Healthcare in the MENA region has moved from a quantitative approach to a qualitative one. 

Now medical organizations are significantly more involved in the treatment process in order to improve their attitude to caring for their own health. The training course should educate healthcare professionals to better engage target audiences to ensure success. The key must be a patient-centered approach.

Why Pharma Courses? 

  • Online education at any convenient time for you without leaving  home
  • Support and consultancy  from our team on the every spet of the education 
  • The ability to ask questions to the best speakers from MENA region and other countries
  • The high quality of the course at the comfortable price

Do you need a discount for the educational program?

Send us an email on the address [email protected] of through the phone number in WA +971 58 500 5214

Program plan

During the training, the following topics will be covered:

1) Introduction to the marketing course for healthcare professionals;

2) Understanding Marketing Industries

3) Targeting and segmentation;

4) Customer assessment;

5) Brand development

6) Strategy creation and its promotion;

7) Analysis of the plan. 

What outcomes will you receive after completing this course? 

  • You will be able to create viable and feasible marketing strategies and plans for healthcare facilities
  • You will also can monitor compliance with them

Who was this program developed for?

The course can be accessed by a variety of professionals who want to learn more about the principles of the organization of health authorities, as well as learn how to use innovative approaches in marketing. The course will definitely help healthcare professionals looking to improve the quality of their work, as well as managers of various business projects who want to learn new marketing strategies.


For any questions, inquiries or offers, feel free to contact us through this direct email [email protected] of the phone number in WA +971 58 500 5214