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60 min

The Secret Formula for Successful Community Pharmacy

21 July
15 : 00 PM
For Doctors, Soft skills

Webinar Talk: The Secret Formula for Successful Community Pharmacy

Time & date: 21 July 2020. 15:00 GMT+4

Webinar overview:

Compliance & Business Continuity

Rules & Regulations
• Local regulatory bodies Rules & Regulations.
• Country regulations Rules & Regulations.
• International Rules & Regulations.
• Updates on Products & Service

Pharmacy Business Ethics
• Code of Conduct.
• Integrity concerns.
• Your own code of conduct.

Norms & Values
• Cultural aspects.
• Your Own



Target audience:

• Retail pharmacists,
• Pharmacists, Pharmacy heads,
• Pharmacy managers. 

Learning objects:

The following are the 6 secrets for discussion:

  Continuously evaluate your consumer & buyers dynamics.
II.   Maximizing Attractions through Perfect Merchandising.
III.  Partner with the Vendors for Support.
IV.  Do it right when it comes to products.
V.   Have the best leadership trait for the team.
VI.  Creating Exceptionally Positive Memorable Experience with all the customers.

Final Thoughts

Your need to remain committed to the attitude of the distinguished pharmacists that focus on:


It’s a journey not a one stop.


Something is extraordinary


Do the right thing right.


Be on top in whatever you are doing


Keep doing and focus on improvement

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Dr Hanan Selim
Clinical pharmacist Motivational Speaker
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