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50 min

Education for teenager parents

30 May Saturday
GMT+4 18:00 PM
For Doctors
Soft skills

Parents feel uneasy when they hear their teenage child is going to become a parent.

You might feel shock, anger, disappointment and concern about your child’s future. There could be regret that you didn’t do enough to stop the pregnancy from happening. And you might wonder about what extended family members, friends and people at school and in your community will think.

On the other hand, you might think it’s wonderful and feel excited about becoming a grandparent.

Mixed feelings are normal. Your feelings might change over time, especially as the time of birth comes closer – or they might not.

Your feelings are important, but during a teenage pregnancy, you might sometimes need to focus more on supporting your teenage daughter or son.

When the time is right, starting a conversation about feelings that come up during the pregnancy can be good for your relationship with your child.

In the scope of this webinar, you will learn: 

  • Learn to talk on the sensitive topic 
  • How to manage a situation if your child is pregnant
  • Precautions and general teenager education which you are responsible for
  • Methods and rules of sensitive communication with your child


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Alshami Medhat
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