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60 min

Productivity & Efficiency Strategies for Pharmacies

17 Aug
1 : 00 PM (+2 GMT Cairo) 3 : 00 PM (+4 GMT Dubai)

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For Pharmacists, Soft skills

Webinar Talk: Productivity & Efficiency Strategies for Pharmacies

Time & date: 17 August 2020. 15:00 GMT+4

Webinar overview:

We will be discussing the 5 Easy Ways for Pharmacists to Improve Productivity & Efciency for pharmacies- by Dr. Hanan Selim

We as healthcare professionals need to be more productive and efcient at pharmacies. Imagine if you could have the work-life balance and get things done faster without any stagnation or feeling over whelmed. Your own health and well-being will be affected resulting in many factors that will inuence focus, productivity and efciency. Being the leader and taking control from your mindset all the way to accelerating your career and pharmacy business is managed by a few skills. Good news is that these skills can be easily learned and implemented. Whether you’re a retail, hospital, clinical pharmacist or even still a student, there are few simple strategies to improve your productivity and efciency in pharmacy.

Learning objects:

The 5 (S’s) Simple Strategies for pharmacist’s efciency and productivity at work and beyond.

  1. Start with End in Mind
  2. Self-care a priority
  3. Smarter, not harder
  4. Soothe The Soul
  5. Support System


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Dr Hanan Selim
Clinical pharmacist Motivational Speaker
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