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60 min
100 AED

Interpersonal Communication for Pharmacists

30 May Saturday
GMT+4 21:00 PM
For Pharmacists
Soft skills

Interpersonal Communication for Pharmacists


About This Webinar

Help your pharmacists strengthen their interpersonal communication skills using this informative webinar. Incorporate engaging lessons that cover professionalism in communication, interpersonal relationships and more into your training sessions.


Webinar Summary

Effective communication is one of many skills pharmacists need to succeed in the workplace. Whether working with doctors, patients or co-workers, the ability to communicate clearly is very important. Use the lessons in this webinar to explore these skills with your pharmacists. Some topics covered in this webinar include the following:

  • Definition and importance of interpersonal communication
  • Use of professionalism in communication
  • Interpersonal relationship theories
  • Interprofessional communication principles and ways to collaborate in healthcare
  • Relationships between pharmacists and patients
  • How to establish trust in relationships
  • Pharmacy-patient communication skills
  • Ways to communicate with empathy


Include the lessons in your group training sessions to hold important discussions on the proper use interpersonal communication as pharmacists. This chapter is accessible anytime and can be reviewed from computers, smartphones or tablets.


How It Helps:

Creates awareness: Lessons in this webinar define communication and make pharmacists aware of the importance of communication when working with patients and healthcare employees.

Offers communication strategies: Pharmacists learn strategies they can use to become effective communicators in the workplace.

Improves relationships: This webinar explores empathy, trust and other factors that can positively impact relationships between pharmacists and others.


Skills Covered:

After reviewing the lessons in this webinar, your pharmacists will be ready to:

Define, identify types, and discuss the importance of communication

List types of workplace communication, and share tips for maintaining professionalism in communication

Share the meaning of an interpersonal relationship, and describe how it is created and maintained

Identify principles of interprofessional communication, and discuss how to collaborate in healthcare

Provide characteristics of a successful pharmacist-patient relationship

Discuss trust and how it is established and maintained in personal and professional relationships

Describe skills pharmacists need to effectively communicate with patients

Explain the importance of empathy and how to become an empathetic business communicator


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Alshami Medhat
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