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60 min

Improve and protect: the role of pharmacists in public health

29 Sept
15 : 00 PM

ZOOM platform

For Pharmacists, Soft skills

Webinar Talk: Improve and protect: the role of pharmacists in public health

Time & date: 29 September 2020. 15:00 GMT+4

Webinar overview:

Improve and protect: the role of pharmacists in public health


Pharmacists play a vital role in maintaining and promoting public health. Dr Hanan Selim believes that all health system pharmacists have a responsibility to participate in global, national, state, regional, and institutional efforts to promote public health and to integrate the goals of those initiatives into their practices. Furthermore, health-system pharmacists have a responsibility to work with public health planners to ensure their involvement in public health policy decision-making and in the planning, development, and implementation of public health efforts.


Target audience:

  • Retail pharmacists,
  • Pharmacists, Pharmacy heads,
  • Pharmacy managers.
  • Clinical pharmacists

Learning objects:

The primary objectives of this Webinar are to:

1- Increase awareness of health-system pharmacists’ contributions to public health,

2-Describe the role of health-system pharmacists in public health planning and promotion

3- Identify new opportunities for health-system pharmacists’ involvement in future public health initiatives.

This webinar does not provide an exhaustive review of health system pharmacists’ public health activities. Its intent is to stimulate dialogue about the role that health-system pharmacists can play in providing care that improves public health in MENA region.

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Dr Hanan Selim
Clinical pharmacist Motivational Speaker
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