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60 min

How to keep your clinic up to date during the pandemic

05 May
1 : 00 PM (+2 GMT Cairo) 3 : 00 PM (+4 GMT Dubai)

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For Doctors, Soft skills

How to keep your clinic up to date during the pandemic


Along with Dr Hanan Selim

During this webinar with Dr Hanan Selim we will be discussing the most important challenges in the medical industry, with added uncertainties from the process of Pandemic management for a thriving clinic instead of just surviving.

Our webinar will focus on the important quaestions to keep in mind that you can use of encountering greater challenges at the occurrence of unknown- or unforeseeable risks. Managing the newfound risks adds agility and branches to the decision tree during the pandemic and keeping up to date reduces these risks. Making contingency planning more flexible with lack of known decision tree branches at the planning stage. The management of these risks requires an approach developed specifically for the thriving during times of change.

Target audience:

  • Physicians, Doctors

Learning objectives:

Some of the questions we will be looking at are:

  • How to implement a process for rapid decision-making and planning during COVID-19?
  • How to understand your clinical insurance coverage during COVID-19?
  • How to evaluate ongoing financial obligations during COVID-19?
  • How to assess current and future supply needs during COVID-19?
  • How to continue business operations at your practice during COVID-19?

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Dr Hanan Selim
Clinical pharmacist Motivational Speaker
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