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60 min

How can pharmacists help patients to adhere drug therapy and health living

18 Jan
15 : 00 PM

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For Pharmacists, Soft skills, Hard skills

How can pharmacists help patients to adhere drug therapy and health living


Changing health-related behaviour can have a major impact on the causes of mortality and morbidity. Behaviour plays an important role in people's health, therefore interventions to change behaviour have enormous potential to alter current patterns of disease.

During this webinar with Dr Nadir Kheir, we will discuss the changing behaviour theories and how their application in practice would help the pharmacist achieve the desired outcomes of drug therapy.

The goal of this webinar is to illustrate how pharmacists could help patients adopt health choices, including medication-taking where appropriate and indicated, through adopting changing behaviour techniques in daily practice.

Target audience:

  • Retail pharmacists,
  • Pharmacists, Pharmacy heads,
  • Pharmacy managers.
  • Clinical pharmacists

Learning objectives:

What are our goals?

  1. Discuss the challenges and complexities that face patients trying to change and adopt healthier lifestyle choices.
  2. Explain the principle of the Trans Theoretical Change Model and its application as a tool for behavioural change.
  3. Illustrate methods that a pharmacist should adopt to assist patients taking right decisions and making the right choices
  4. Understand the concept of behavioural capability and health belief model theory and how these could help in suggesting strategies for change
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Dr Nadir Kheir
Associate Professor -College of Pharmacy -Ajman University
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