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60 min

An introduction into next generation therapeutics

30 Nov
17 : 00 PM

ZOOM platform

For Pharmacists, Soft skills, Hard skills

An introduction into next generation therapeutics


During this webinar with Dr. Jehad Nasereddin we will explain the concepts of Next-Generation therapeutics and explain to the audience how changing the formulation strategy significantly impact the properties of a drug and its therapeutic benefits.

This webinar aims to familiarize pharmacists at various levels (student, community pharmacist, higher education) with the concepts of next generation therapeutics, and how new formulation technologies can change the properties of traditional drugs and result in a better quality of life for the patient.

Goal of this webinar is to familiarize pharmacists with the new technologies currently being used to change the properties of “traditional medicines” and how those new properties will affect clinical practice and therapeutic decisions.

Target audience:

  • Retail pharmacists,
  • Pharmacists, Pharmacy heads,
  • Pharmacy managers.
  • Clinical pharmacists

Learning objects:

By the end of this webinar the participants will able to :

1. Develop an understanding of Drug Delivery Systems.
2. Be able to differentiate traditional methods of drug administration from novel drug delivery systems
3. Understand the benefits of next-generation therapeutics and how they influence quality of life of the patient.
4. Be able to relate the technology aspects of a medicinal product to its clinical benefit


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Dr Jehad Nasereddin
Pharmaceutical technologist .
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