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Merchandising in pharmacies: effective product placement

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Soft skills
El Barrani Mohamed
Talent & Management Consultant. MBA Training Programs Success Factors.

Specialization: Marketing 
FORMAT: Online 
Merchandising in a pharmacy. 
Merchandising of a pharmacy selling area. 
Merchandising of window displays, price tags, products  
Target audience: retail pharmacists, pharmacists, pharmacy heads, medical representatives, and merchandisers. 
Training targets: Development of participants' competences in regard to the selling area merchandising, placement of POS materials to increase sales of pharmaceuticals. 

Course Result:

  • You will be able to analyze your pharmacy and understand the causes of difficulties that arose in the business development;
  • Make a list of corrective actions;
  • Master and apply the rules of selling;
  • Understand how to win the competition, and how your pharmacy can have a comparative advantage;
  • Give new impetus to the development of your pharmacy and increase the number of loyal customers

Part 1. Methods of the products presentation in a pharmacy 

1) Peculiarities of merchandising in pharmacies  

    -Merchandising purposes and objectives, anticipated results. 
    -Technology restrictions and possibilities. 
    -Legislative regulations in the advertising of pharmaceuticals. 
    -Overview of examples of merchandising application in pharmacies. 

2) Merchandising methods for the conversion boost 
    -Psychology of information perception by visitors 
    -Zoning and visitors flow control 
    -Presentation areas  
    -Rules of products presentation 
    -Advertising equipment 
    -POS materials 
    -Overview of modern trends 

3) Merchandising with consideration of formats of retail units  
    -Types of formats of retail units, peculiarities of the assortment policy  
    -Peculiarities of merchandising in each format 
    -Indicators for the assessment of products presentation results 

4) Use of merchandising rules with consideration of the consumer potential of a retail unit in a district, city 
    -Determination of the target audience of a retail unit  
    -Assessment of competitors' offers.

    -Choice of own position in a district, city, on a street 
    -Analysis of the demand during a year on product groups. Determination of the assortment policy 
    -Determination of role groups of the product grid – basic products, seasonal, novelties, binding products for cross marketing 
    -Determination of the optimum format for the retail unit territory, planning of sales indicators and setting of purposes and objectives for the conversion boost with help of merchandising during a week, month, season, year. 

Part 2. Use of merchandising for solving of operational tasks 

5) Organization of the work of merchandisers as the customer service  
    -Employees, responsible for displaying. Work rules  
    -Merchandiser's product display layout development 
    -Peculiarities of display for different target audiencies of a pharmacy 
    -Merchandising for the brand presentation  
    -Merchandising as a method of testing of needs and demands of pharmacy's visitors 

6) Use of merchandising methods for support of the pharmacy's "external" advertising  
Mistakes in the pharmacy's advertising which result in the traffic decrease 
    -Agreement of the Sales Promotions calendar – outside and also inside a pharmacy to increase merchandising results 
    -Analytics and assessment of advertising results with help of merchandisers and their performance indicators 
    -Cooperation with "anchor partners" for a joint promotion of retail units 

7) BTL promotions and events for the conversion boost 
    -Stimulating promotions 
    -Promotions for constant customers. 
    -Mistakes which repel constant customers 
    -Work with POS materials 
    -Methods of assessment of promotions and events results 
    -Cooperation with BTL and event agencies 

8) Development of merchandising standards 
    -Determination of indicators for selection of a retail unit format depending on the consumer potential 
    -Development of merchandising standards in a retail unit with consideration of a selected format 
    -Development of procedures for merchandisers 
Answers to questions. Practical recommendations. 
Work methods and forms 

Classes are conducted online in the form of intense interaction between the speaker and participants. Work in small groups, brainstorming, illustrational slides are used. Situations, in which participants will feel the effect of same factors which they encounter or can encounter during their work, are simulated. During the follow-up discussion participants not only observe, analyze, make conclusions and obtain necessary theoretical information, explaining their direct practical experience but also correlate their possessed and obtained experience and knowledge with help of the trainer

! Preliminary preparation: 

It is desirable to send the most critical and actual questions of those that will be covered during the event. It will save time and make the training more efficient

! This training can be ordered in a corporate, individual format, in the form of the online webinar. 

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