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Basics of Herbal Therapy

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For Pharmacists
For Doctors
Hard skills
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Shilova Margarita
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Alshami Medhat

Basics of Herbal Therapy

FORMAT: Online 

Target audience:

  • Pharmacists,
  • Pharmacy heads.
  • Medical representatives. 

Despite advances in pharmocology, WHO experts are recording an intense interest in herbal therapy as the share of chronic illnesses is growing - such illnesses require prolonged and sparing therapy - relatively safe and explicit pharmacological effectiveness of herbal therapy and its affordability. Professional advisory of pharmacy customers (given by pharmacy professionals) on herbal therapy used for prevention and treatment of the most common diseases, guidelines for making and handling aqueous extracts of medicinal herbs at home will allow to greatly improve the quality of pharmacy services rendered to the general public.

Training content overview:

  • Basics of Herbal Therapy;
  • Therapeutic value of medicinal herbs;
  • Guidelines for making and handling aqueous extracts of medicinal herbs at home;
  • Medicinal herbs used to make Dietary Supplements;
  • Medicinal herbs used in homeopathy;
  • Herbal therapy against nervous disorders
  • Herbal therapy against cardiovascular diseases;
  • Herbal therapy against  respiratory diseases;
  • Herbal therapy against gastrointestinal diseases; and
  • Herbal therapy against genitourinary diseases.
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