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Tools for increasing the amount of sales done by the pharmacy

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For Pharmacists
Soft skills
Alshami Medhat

Tools for increasing the amount of sales done by the pharmacy.

Specialization: Marketing 
FORMAT: Online 

Target audience:

Retail pharmacists,


Pharmacy heads

Course Result:

  • You will be able to analyze your pharmacy and understand the causes of difficulties that arose in the business development;
  • Make a list of corrective actions;
  • Master and apply the rules of selling;
  • Understand how to win the competition, and how your pharmacy can have a comparative advantage;
  • Give new impetus to the development of your pharmacy and increase the number of loyal customers

Training targets

Like any small business, independent pharmacies are always looking for ways to increase profits.

You may be under the assumption that you must obtain new customers to make more money, but that is not necessarily true.
Of course, your pharmacy always needs new customers, but remember that your easiest and most predictable source of revenue is right under your nose. It comes from the loyal customers who already know and love your business.

When creating your pharmaceutical sales tools, make sure to focus on a few key categories:

  • CRM: help organize all current and future client communications
  • Training: gamification, e-learning, information transfer
  • Communication: phone, video, internal messaging apps
  • Technical: include screen sharing and remote meetings apps such as Skype
  • Administrative: contracts, document signing, and document transfer
  • Social: social media and other networking apps

By this training course we will examine the following areas of sales and its secret triggers:

  • Discounts for particular products
  • Sales promotions and loyalty programs
  • Recommendations provided by the employee at the pharmacy
  • Display of prioritized goods
  • Discount cards
  • Additional sales
  • Advertisement 

Learn how to matinulate these triggers and sell more, earn more!

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