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Successful Communication Skills for Pharmacists

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Soft skills
Alshami Medhat

Specialization: Marketing 
FORMAT: Online 

Target audience:

  • Retail pharmacists,
  • Pharmacists,
  • Pharmacy heads.
  • Medical representatives. 

Successful Communication Skills for Pharmacists

Communication Skills for Pharmacists is an important addition to

the available texts on pharmacy communications and patient counseling.

This clearly course details the reasons why good pharmacy care and patient

relationships are essential to the future of the profession.


What is Communication? - Definition & Importance
What Is Professionalism in Communication? - Definition & Skills
Interpersonal Relationships: Definition & Theories
Interprofessional Communication & Collaboration in Healthcare
The Pharmacist-Patient Relationship
How to Build Trust in a Relationship
Skills Necessary for Pharmacist-Patient Communications
Practical Application: Assessing Pharmacist-Patient Communication Skills
Being an Empathetic Communicator

Course Result:

While the course will be extremely useful to help pharmiciets

develop good patient, personal, and professional relationships, it is also a must

read for every practicing pharmacist who is concerned about the future of pharmacy.