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Products stock management for pharmacies and pharmacy chains

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For Pharmacists
Soft skills
Alshami Medhat


Topics: Inventory management methods and best practices for pharmacy




Pharmacy managers


inventory management: know thy shelf

Learning objects:

  • Describe various inventory management methods.
  • Evaluate inventory performance.
  • Describe available informatics systems to assist with inventory management.
  • Identify common inventory problems and costs associated with poor inventory management.
  • Practice secure inventory management to reduce shrinkage.

Inventory management

What should most pharmacists know about IM?

What steps can pharmacist take to control inventory?

What are Methods of IM? Visual, periodic and perpetual

Learn effective stock management in our pharmacy with our course for pharmacy managers, owners, and pharamcists. 


In the scope of the course the following will be discussed and carefully studied: 


Learn how to -

  • to cut down the amount of lost sales due to the lack of necessary products in stock;
  • to decrease the excess of illiquid products; to increase the products turnover;
  • to make sure that the products are sold within a year of their shelf life;
  • to minimize the total amount of expenses associated with storing and handling the products for a pharmacy or a pharmacy chain.
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