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Justification for the course
Pharmacists roles and responsibilities towards patients have changed drastically over the last few decades.
Pharmacy education began centering around medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, and therapeutics; and additional years of education were added.
Pharmacy management and health systems offered as courses but usually with very few credits and often only as electives.
Several studies indicated the importance of management skills by pharmacists leading the Accreditation Council on Pharmacy Education (ACPE) to recognize the value of education in managerial sciences; now required in pharmacy schools, with many offering several additional electives and entire tracks in management.
Now we see an evolution from Pharmaceutical Care to Medication Therapy Management as patient care management modalities, to include risk management, patient advocacy, disease management, service marketing, and business management.
Effective management practices and good [clinical] patient services are not mutually exclusive. Clinicians cannot be effective unless they have good people skills and understand how to pull resources and manage operations.
Good practices in one are often good practices in the other. Helping patients solve problems is good for business and good for medication outcomes.
Treating employees well usually results in them treating customers/clients well. If a business is not making money or achieving its financial targets, it might have to close; and even prior to closing, it might have not been able to serve its patients very well.
So What's In It For Me?
Effectiveness at your job
Tenure, organizational rewards, both monetary and non- monetary, career advancement
Your own self-actualization
Your impact on the quality of lives of others
The betterment of patients!
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