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Hospital management course

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Hospital management course 


Healthcare facility management trainings

The target audience - pharmacists, nurses, physicians

Pharma Courses have released new training programs in management of health care system. These programs will be divided into 6 courses, in each course you will learn different aspects on managing the health care system in MENA countries. Eatheir you are a physician, pharmacist or nurse you know how important good management decisions are in health care industry. So it should be no surprise that healthcare management jobs come with some required experience and education.  And, to become a successful health care manager you need at least few years of experience in addition of having Bachelors degree in management. With Pharma Courses you will learn the most top skills needed to become a successful health care manager


After completing this course, you will receive the certificate from Pharma Courses.


By the end of this program, participants will be able to achieve the outcomes :

  1. The knowledge, research skills, and an awareness of the current practices in the field of health care administration and management.
  2.  To manage and lead healthcare into the future.
  3. To improve the health of the community, nation, and world.
  4. How to become a successful leadership ,and how effectively and ethically influence others.
  5. Enhance their knowledge of finance , resource management and law in relation to their role and the improvement of services.

Why Pharma Courses? 

  • Online education at any convenient time for you without leaving  home
  • Support and consultancy  from our team on the every spet of the education 
  • The ability to ask questions to the best speakers from MENA region and other countries
  • The high quality of the course at the comfortable price

Do you need a discount for the educational program?

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Hospital management course

The 4th course in our program


By the end of the course the participants will be able to achieve the outcomes :

This advanced course for students of healthcare covers  areas of operations, human resource management, community relations, physician relations and collective bargaining in MENA countries. 

1)Apply theoretical ideas from this course to solve problems and develop and organize opportunities in healthcare organisations in MENA countries.

2)Develop their leadership abilities

3) Apply modern changes to optimize healthcare structures and outcomes.

4) You will have a comprehension of the main issues surrounding the management of a hospitals in the MENA and you will be able to apply these concepts to healthcare settings internationally.

1)Hospital Human Resources Management

This hospital management course covers the basic components of labor relations and labor law, focusing on the most effective practices for managing the hospital and health care team. Students will learn about the dynamics of labor relations and organizational behavior theory in MENA as it applies to job satisfaction of people at various levels of an organization.


2)Hospital Emergency Planning

This course include identifying key personnel, and additional resources to assist and manage the hospital in disasters, terrorist attacks, or other emergency situations,in addition of identifying the financial aspects of emergency planning.


For any questions, inquiries or offers, feel free to contact us through this direct email [email protected] of the phone number in WA +971 58 500 5214

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