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Healthcare facility management training program

For Pharmacists
For Doctors
Soft skills
Hard skills
Credits CME
Dr Medhat Alshami
Director of Education, Pharma Courses, Urologist-andrologist

Program Courses:


  • Introduction to HealthCare Management Course

 Pharmacourses  has developed a programme Introduction to Healthcare facility Management.  This programme was borne out of the need to provide first level support for healthcare workers in MENA region who wanted to progress in their careers by obtaining formal introductory training in healthcare management.

The programme will consist of 4  webinars geared towards equipping individuals with the foundation knowledge, skills and competencies required to function effectively in the healthcare management industry.

Program structure :

  1. Primary healthcare
  2. Healthcare management
  3. Health leadership
  4. Health quality

Primary Healthcare (PH)

PH is the first point of contact with the health institution. 

In most MENA countries this will be the health centres or local doctor’s office. 

This webinar  will address the broader determinants of health and show the various issues that impact primary healthcare , what managers need to understand about its management, how primary health care centered on the needs and choices of individuals .

And lastly we will focus on the integrated and interrelated aspects of physical,mental and social health and well-being.


Healthcare Management (HM)

HM is the science of planning, organizing and controlling aspects related to health.

During this webinar we will examine managerial skills, issues impacting health management and provide a first step of formal training for medical staff.

It will include  ‘Understanding and analysing the healthcare environment in MENA region’


Health Leadership (HL) : 

Good leaders are a crucial part of an effective healthcare team to achieve organizational goals.

This webinar will explain the difference between leadership and management, how to become a healthy leadership and how effectively and ethically a leadership can influence others.


Healthcare Quality (HQ):

HQ  is a degree to which the health care system increases the desired health outcome and avoids medical errors.

To those who want to lead in the healthcare system, quality adds the value in measuring and evaluating how the level of healthcare meets the standards. During the webinar you will be exposed to topics such as what is health care quality, why is it important, how to improve the healthcare system,how to avoid medical errors,and how to develop a monitoring system to meet the standards .