Effective Communication in Pharmacy to Foster Patient Care

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Alshami Medhat

Effective Communication in Pharmacy to Foster Patient Care 

developed together with Ajman Univeristy 


Interpersonal communication skills are crucial for pharmacists to master. Whether counseling patients, communicating with physicians, or interfacing with associates, pharmacists use their interpersonal communication skills on an everyday basis. Effective communication by pharmacists is essential to improve the use of medications by patients and ensure optimal therapeutic outcomes. 


Aims and objectives of mini-webinar course 


Ability to: 

  • access and interpret information 
  • communicate effectively in written and oral forms to counsel patients 


Develop an appreciation of 

  • the relationships existing between drugs/medicines, patients and society 
  • the role of the pharmacist in patient care 


Audience: Pharmacists


Lesson 1

Communication and Counseling

Learn in the scope of the first webinar

  • Why does it matter in pharmacy?
  • Main role as drug therapy expert
  • Consequences of lack of information or understanding can very dramatic for patients, their families, communities and you!

We will talk about effective communication, styles, and its impact.


Lesson 2

The Counseling Pharmacist ethics code


In the scope of the webinar, the following will be covered:

  • Communication barriers with patients
  • Definition of counseling pharmacists
  • Major ethics to keep in mind at work


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