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Soft skills is a special course in the scope of Pharma Course Education.
It is a carefully course compilation designed to better every day business and sales practices for pharmacists, pharmacy managers and owners.

Pharma Course soft skills education will:

  • Help your company's pharmacists develop core communication skills by utilizing these entertaining and informative lessons in your training sessions.
  • Help pharmacists learn important points on written communication by watching these courses.
  • Provide comprehensive instruction on communication for work environments.

Hard skills is a special program designed to better every day practices in pharmacy and medical industries for pharmacists and doctors. There you can learn about the newest drugs, bio and pharma technology as well as common patients complaints, illnesses and ways for treatment.

Also, hard skills cover everything that is related to prescriptions (how to control the dose and give what is needed), new innovations in healthcare that you can use to know the producers’ technologies better.

Let’s get more education on what is in the market and how the medicine and pharmaceuticals shift and stay up-to-date without neglecting the health of patients.

It's over
25 October
2 Months

Healthcare marketing training course

In this course we will discuss how to move to a customer-centric approach, to improve the quality of services provided.

It's over
20 November
14 Days

Financial Management of health care system

Introduction to Health Economics and Financial Management

It's over
30 November
2 Months

Health law management course

A course on how to identify and apply legal rules, and a structures of laws relating to MENA counties.

It's over
07 January
2 Months

Healthcare project management

This course will allow students to understand the basic constituents and components of the project management industry, as well as learn how to apply them in the medicine and healthcare industry.