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About us

Pharma Courses – is the first
international online learning platform for Healthcare professionals. It is the educational platform for healthcare professionals (doctors and pharmacists) in UAE and MENA region.

Pharma Courses is not only online education, but also real-time events, workshops and webinars. Users can receive CPD credits for their professional license renewal. It is a new experience that allows professionals to receive the most up-to-date and innovative knowledge.

We also offer Professional trainings/certification programs such as sales, marketing, commerce, management, advertisement and more, for all types of employees of Pharmaceutical companies (managers, sales, medical reps, marketing and financial professionals, top managers and more).

About The Company

Digitalizing healthcare with our e-Learning CPD courses

About The Company

We are the leading online educational platform for healthcare professionals. Our mission is to promote the most up-to-date healthcare education for Medical and Pharmacy professionals with our online CPD courses, webinars and live events.

Pharma.Global is the innovative company which implements the ecosystem of SMART-solutions into the global Pharmaceutical market. The major projects of Pharma.Global are as follows:
  • The learning platform Pharmznanie.ru, which is the best online educational platform in Russia for pharmacists according to Ipsos Comcon (May, 2018), and Medznanie.ru which is the educational platform for medical specialists (analogy of Pharma Courses)
  • PharmMarket and Easy Launch. These products help pharmaceutical companies connect with pharmacies for business growth.
  • The loyalty system for the end consumer “Pharma.Bonus”.

Pharma.Global is a part of the Internet Initiatives Development Fund since 2017. Today Pharma.Global is the leading company in the Internet Initiatives Development Fund’s portfolio with its post medical educational programs. It is also the fastest growing IT-company in the Russian Pharma market. Begining 2019 Pharma.Global expanded its operations to UAE and has been present in the international market since then.

Beginning August 2019 2019 Pharma.Global will be testing it’s products in the markets of UAE and Saudi Arabia and is planning to cover approximately 1,500 pharmacies. By the end of 2020 the company is planning to operate in 17 countries in the MENA region.

Our accreditation

Our accreditation
We are the accredited provider of CPD credits. We are recognized as a continuing education provider by authorities around the world, such as Russia (Continuous Medical Education) and we are currently working on getting our accreditation in United Arab Emirates.

The accredited CPD/CME courses count towards Continuous Professional Development and Continuous Medical Education for professionals in Healthcare.

We are in the process to get CPD accreditation with Department of Health-Abu Dhabi (DOH-AD) and Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in 2020.

Coming up soon in 2020: The courses which will have the CPD label are accredited by The Department of Health-Abu Dhabi and The Dubai Health Authority. Therefore, healthcare professionals may submit credits earned from Pharma Courses to fulfill their Continuing Education requirements.

To find out more details, please contact us [email protected]

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